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CMS Solutions

Optimized Content Management Tools Geared for Search Engines

Creating a lasting impression on the Internet requires three things: a professional-looking website, fresh web content for your visitors and effective search engine marketing in place to get them there.  Sales and Marketing Technologies wraps these key elements into one manageable application with our ASP .NET Content Management System –or CMS–Solutions.  Whether your business is driven through website lead generation or your products are sold directly online through an E-commerce platform, SMT has the Internet presence solution to fit your needs and budget.

Building Websites that Work

At Afrikgold  international Technologies Limited, we are committed to ensuring our clients’ success on the web, meaning everything produced in our in-house African web design studio is put through careful review ensuring top quality and functionality. Our scalable CMS Solutions allow you easily integrate functionality applications into your website including:

    CMS-driven Content Pages
    Blogs, News and Event Pages
    Easy-to-manage Photo Galleries
    Product Listings and Shopping Carts
    Employment Listings
    FAQ and Resource Pages
    Customer Testimonial Modules
    Contact Forms & Newsletter Signups

User-Friendly Content Management

All of our CMS Solutions are powered by an intuitive, easy-to-use content management system, allowing the client or administrator to make website updates with no knowledge of programming. afrikgold's easily maintained applications are manageable from any computer without installing software and include hands on client training.

Delivering Breakthrough Results

Search Engine Optimization is not only this decade’s big buzzword, but also an integral part of successfully driving business through the Internet.Afrikgold’s Internet Marketing team ensures that every CMS Solution we develop is optimized to rank well on the search engines, increasing your visibility and sending targeted traffic to your website.
Contact Afrikgold Professional Webmasters to find a CMS Solution that fits your needs and budget.

Talk to us on 08186817081,07087181856,08169827920

Web Maintenance

You have your website and now it needs changes or updates.  Do you take the time to handle it yourself or do you hire a professional web design company to handle your website maintenance?

For most businesses, it just does not make economic sense to try and handle updates to their website by themselves.  That’s where Afrikgold Professional webmasters come in.  We have the experience to handle anything from a very minor update to a major upgrade. We offer experienced and professional website maintenance to keep your website current and relevant and we’re available by both email and phone.
Contact Afrikgold Professional webmasters to learn how we can assist you in maintaining your current website.
Contact Afrikgold Professional webmasters or call us at 08059534636,08186817081

We’ll handle all this and more for you:

    New or update forms
    New pages
    New call to actions
    Add photos or graphics
    Text re-writes
    Updates to calendars or events
    Update blogs
    Update or remove products and services
    We test every change before it goes live
    Create Backups so nothing is lost

Why use our Web Site Maintenance Service?

    Leave your staff to do what their trained for
    Professional – So your website maintains a professional look
    Detail oriented
    Convenient and makes economic sense

Afrikgold Professional webmasters have been maintaining websites like yours for over 10 years and we can help your company too. From simple tweaks to complete redesigns we’re here for you. Contact us today.

Talk to us on 08186817081,07087181856,08169827920

Online Lead Management

Afrikgold Prpfessional webmasters have extensive experience in the areas of lead generation and process automation. For many years,we have been producing systems to leverage the various technologies on the internet to allow our clients to gather leads. Our capabilities and accomplishments have grown with time. We have made a lot of progress in the areas of lead tracking and online lead management.  Along the way, many of our clients have given us the opportunity of creating customized online lead management tools to automate their internal business processes.

Our system effectively collects leads, deals with SPAM and duplication issues in addition to collecting important referrer information.  This information can be used to report on the efficacy of the respective marketing strategies. However, we know that the lead collection step is just part of the complete sales process. We have created sophisticated communication systems that market to the public and feed data back to our clients about the interactions with their customers. More importantly, these systems connect the internal organizational silos in our client's companies, allowing the opportunities generated by one area of their business to be communicated regularly to another and back.

Let us show you how we can help you automate your online lead management system so your sales team can work smarter, not harder!  Contact us today at 08059534636,08186817081 or schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation on your lead management tool needs online.

Talk to us on 08186817081,07087181856,08169827920

ASP.Net Web Development

Afrikgold Professional Webmasters have developed tens of websites and web applications. For many years now, ASP.Net has been a primary technology platform used by our developers and programmers. SMT has worked extensively on projects involving public-facing user interfaces as well as restricted-access systems.  In fact over the years, we have produced hundreds of customized solutions for large and small businesses with strong focus on reliability, flexibility and security. We understand that companies expect and require dynamic systems that allow them to update, add or remove content in real time. SMT has evolved its content management platform to accommodate role-based security, content layout and format flexibility and consistency of presentation as needed.

We have largely relied on robust, professional-level and widely-supported technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server and the ASP.Net Framework. Additionally, SMT has expertise in the areas of user interface design and process flow architecture and has worked on many large-scale projects as the main contributor in those two areas.

Our capabilities expand beyond conventional ASP.Net web development and have included:

    Proprietary Content Management System
    Integration of single CMS for multiple websites
    Integration of CMS and CRM programs

Afrikgold Professional Webmasters are always finding new opportunities to expand our ASP.Net programming options and look forward to helping you meet your online goals and expectations.  Contact us today at 08059534636, 08186817081 or schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your ASP.Net programming needs online today.

Web Consulting

Understanding how visitors use your website is critical to its success.  What is it you want them to do once they are there?  Fill out a form?  Buy a product? Call?  Do they know that?  Are you “leading” them down the path you want them to follow?  Do you have a clear “call to action”?

These questions and more need to be answered and addressed if you want your website to work for you and not against you. Research shows that the design of your site can affect user behavior both positively and negatively? It doesn’t matter how good your service or product is if the end user doesn’t trust your site enough because of either poor design, usability or both to feel comfortable making a purchase or filling out a form.

Afrikgold Professional Webmasters have been providing quality website consulting in Nigeria for over 8 years.  Our website design consultants possess the ability to assist you with:

    Implementing Search Engine Friendly Code
    Choosing Images
    Forms and Security
    Flat vs. Deep Architecture
    CSS Styles
    Effective Call to Actions
    Influential Colors
    Usability & Functionality

Making Your Website Work for You is Our Job

You can have hundreds of people visit your site a day.  If, however, they don’t know what to do once they get there, or can’t find what they are looking for, what is the point?

Our website consultants can help put a design strategy together that will lead your visitors toward a specific goal.  Every website has goals that vary from industry to industry and from business to business. SMT strives to understand your industry and we tailor our website design consultation to your specific business goals.

The result is a professional looking web design that ranks well and converts visitors into leads and sales. Contact us today to start really growing your business online. Talk to us on 08186817081,07087181856,08169827920

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